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A Customer, typically a person wanting to buy drugs.
"Man, hold up.. let me go deal with this custo, he's fiendin like a mofucka, and I need the money"
by syked February 18, 2004
Mainly a word started in Detroit for drug buyer
That custo is feining
by 313DET6MILE May 16, 2009
A person who buys any form of narcotic
Aye nigga go serve up that custo for me, he been blowin my cell up all day. He need a dub of dat hard
by DJ Lotto2 September 04, 2011
Abbreviation for customers, used by drug dealers.
Yo I got some fire, you got custos?

Lets pick up a quarter later, but go on facebook first and get custos

My friend has been trying to sell this 25 a gram, he aint gonna get any custos man!
by Am420n January 29, 2011
Extremely customized, matches the style of the owner
Yo ride is custo'd out.
You bettah custo yo ride with some twenty fo's.
by dorsey August 05, 2003
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