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Extremely customized, matches the style of the owner
Yo ride is custo'd out.
You bettah custo yo ride with some twenty fo's.
by dorsey August 05, 2003
A Customer, typically a person wanting to buy drugs.
"Man, hold up.. let me go deal with this custo, he's fiendin like a mofucka, and I need the money"
by syked February 18, 2004
Mainly a word started in Detroit for drug buyer
That custo is feining
by 313DET6MILE May 16, 2009
A person who buys any form of narcotic
Aye nigga go serve up that custo for me, he been blowin my cell up all day. He need a dub of dat hard
by DJ Lotto2 September 04, 2011
Abbreviation for customers, used by drug dealers.
Yo I got some fire, you got custos?

Lets pick up a quarter later, but go on facebook first and get custos

My friend has been trying to sell this 25 a gram, he aint gonna get any custos man!
by Am420n January 29, 2011