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A person who overly uses cuss words in daily life, usually to become popular or just to piss people off.
Kaleb is such a cusstard.
by Nintendoid24 July 11, 2007
a combination of Cussing and Retard.

someone who puts no creativity or imagination into his/her cusses/insults, making them sound stupid.

someone who doesnt know how to cuss effectively.

someone who overuses a certain cuss word.
Bob: Fuck you Fucking Fucker!!

Sue: dude, youre such a Cuss-tard.


Idiot: "youre a dick!"

same Idiot five minutes later: "youre so dickish!"

Still the same Idiot a few minutes later: "i wont do that thing cause youre a DICK!"

Smart Person:" OH my god, man! youre a freaking Cuss-tard!"
by LightsAndCandy October 06, 2009
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