Consultant by Day, Lush by Night
You know Nichole, she's a Cush.
by MikeJS December 28, 2005
Expulsion of feces, take a crap, make a turd, meadow muffin, night droppings, bowel movement or BM, defecation, discharged, dung, excrement, excretion, fecal matter, feculence, flux, go to the bathroom, clark bar, manure, #2, stool, deuce, floatah, poo, Hershey squirts, and most commonly called, SHIT!
Phrases include: Hit the shitta, building a log cabin, dropping the kids off at the lake, thats gonna leave a mark,
•Bill Murry was thought to have found a CUSH at the bottom of the pool. After taking a bite he confirmed that it was a Baby Ruth chocolate bar.

•Get out of the bathroom. I have to do a big CUSH.

•Flush the Cush!

•You smell like CUSH, get in the tub.
by LLRF January 27, 2015

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