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short for cushion...meaning having it easy.
"Dude, that corner office you got seems alllll cush!"
by Amy December 15, 2004
81 210
when everything is all gravybaby
its total mint
how cush
that is well cush-tey
by bam March 10, 2005
64 198
A cush is a ladies man and a gangster in his own mind
Hey look at that cush
by ponisko February 03, 2008
23 158
Ususually refers to a BOYO's homelife or relationship. It means its good and everthying is good.
Im getting a hard time from the dean but ma girlfreinds keeping it cush.
by Baz June 18, 2004
35 170
pronounced like 'lush', it is short for cum-gush.
it describes the small amount of semen that leaks from the receiving partner after intercourse. can be used as a verb,'to cush'.
There are different varieties of cush available, white/vanilla cush is the original, but there is also red/strawberry, brown/chocolate, and yellow/banana
verb. 'As soon as i pulled out of her she cushed all over the bed'

noun. 'I found a load of cush on the sheets after she'd left'
by PeterAndrews January 18, 2008
26 162
an ugly or unatractive chick.
that girl is a cush.
by nick July 02, 2004
13 155
Consultant by Day, Lush by Night
You know Nichole, she's a Cush.
by MikeJS December 28, 2005
15 163