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To smoke marajuana in the nude
I'm just chillin at home cushing.
by Sniglefloyd March 25, 2009
Only the best hall Boston College has to offer. Located on Newton Campus, it is home to smart and talented students who like to have fun. These students also happen to be really, really, ridiculously good looking.
Mike: Wow I went to this crazy party last night. The people were really chill and really, really, ridiculously good looking.
Chris: Oh you went to that party on Cushing?
Mike: Yea, how did you know?
by BCsuperfan August 13, 2008
A big gay. Someone who is really really weak and does fag shit like call you all the time when you dont want it and brings duffel bags to friends houses and has a little man bag with nothing ever in it. Also gets no play at all and never hooks up with girls. His wardrobe is really really annoying as well. Also takes 9 hours to finish a 4 hour sat. Parents and certain girls like him but everyone who truly knows him hates him.
God look at that kid, he's such a cushing.
by Freiberg September 21, 2006