A Special Form of HydroPhonic Marijuana. Very Powerful who's effects last very long
What you wanna smoke the nugs of Chronic, or some bomb ass mugs of cush?
by LAMER October 04, 2002
Top Definition
the best kind of hydro avaliable, you can feel the 'pleaseant' effects for hours on end
rollin up the Cush, put it in tha eah, throw up tha DUB let em know we in hea!!
by tha truth teller July 14, 2006
Expulsion of feces, take a crap, make a turd, meadow muffin, night droppings, bowel movement or BM, defecation, discharged, dung, excrement, excretion, fecal matter, feculence, flux, go to the bathroom, clark bar, manure, #2, stool, deuce, floatah, poo, Hershey squirts, and most commonly called, SHIT!
Phrases include: Hit the shitta, building a log cabin, dropping the kids off at the lake, thats gonna leave a mark,
•Bill Murry was thought to have found a CUSH at the bottom of the pool. After taking a bite he confirmed that it was a Baby Ruth chocolate bar.

•Get out of the bathroom. I have to do a big CUSH.

•Flush the Cush!

•You smell like CUSH, get in the tub.
by LLRF January 27, 2015
Cush is a number of things but it is also an attitude. Some one who is Cush is also a person who will "step up" and do the write thing. To be Cush is to be some one with a positive attitude - someone who does not let lifes trials get to him. To be cush is also to know how to stay calm and cool no matter what the situation
I heard you lost your job?" a Cush response is" Yes I did, But it is all Cush baby! I will find one that pays twice what the old one did!
by Carmine the Cush July 26, 2010
A total fuckin predator of the highest order. A major creep this guy. Often found in bushes with no pants or underpants on, waiting for unsuspecting females. . Enjoys sucking off older men on the rare occasion hes not raping somone. A real cum-guzzler and horse raper this guy
Luck at that Cush in the bushes

Stay away from that cush
by Shakkaz March 13, 2011
Wet, dry, green, thick, sticky, aromatic, natural, soft.
Burn that cush. On second thought cut it up and roll it up. And burn.
by pmracing532 May 08, 2005
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