A woman's breast.Not to be used in formal language
She has sexy curves ! I wish she was my gf !
by Kim25 November 04, 2007
Top Definition
female's body shape
damn keesha has those curves like a coca-cola bottle
by b_d_w December 20, 2008
god's greatest creation on the female body.
curves: everything that has to do with a girl's tit/breasts and booty/ass.
by Gabriel/God's Messenger December 09, 2009
A woman's breast to hip ratio. Bust, Waist, and Hips measurements. Often plump women claim to be curvy, but their curves are hidden under a layer of fat so really can't tell if they have curves or not.
Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce Knowles, hourglass Figures, curves



by Mina la flakita March 04, 2009
A totally made-up word that allows you to cheat at Scrabble or Words with Friends.
Kelsey threw out a curf yesterday playing Words with Friends; it wasn't in any dictionary we could find.
by Wachtelhund August 09, 2015
Possibly the only feature on a woman's body a man can give a rat's ass about.
"Man, that bitch has curves!!!1!!!"
by DogeWaffel September 11, 2015
When a woman says she has nice curves, it really means that she is fat and has an attitude about it. She may act proud, but deep down inside she is self-conscious and attempts to mask her true feelings with misplaced pride.
Tina says she has nice curves, but she just looks like a cow to me.
by Legend..wait for it...dary November 29, 2011
A female's chest, especially a large one.
That sexy woman has mighty fine curves.
by randomloser November 11, 2003
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