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Curva means bitch or slut or such in romanian and in a number of languages, with small variations as in "Kurva": polish, russian, croatian, hungarian.
"Esti o curva!" - You're a slut!
"Am fost la curve aseara" - I went to the whore house last night.
by George Cristian April 05, 2006
Commonly used derogatory Romanian word for slut, bitch, whore, and common prostitute.
esti o curva ordinara
you are a common whore
by bubbles21 March 13, 2006
slut, defines a woman that fucks everyone but the person using the word. If you use TARFA (a sinonym) it meens the woman fucks the person too :)
mata-i curva ( your mother's a slut)
by gigi becali April 19, 2005