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Bitch, slut, whore.
Ciji Nicholson.
by Miki April 24, 2004
means slut in east europian languages, not friend :)
kurvo (you slut)
by D-Evil September 19, 2003
Shut up!You are fucking kurva!
by R.R. November 08, 2003
Used in eastern european to name a slut or whore, also commonly used as "shit" in sports. Can further be combined in Hungarian to make extremely long swear sentences describing one's mom.
"KURVA....cant beleive I missed that shot"
"kurva anyad" -your mother is a whore and you can go fuck her
by hungarian linguist October 11, 2005
A slang swear word used in many East European languages, or under Polish spelling - Kurwa.

Literally meaning whore, bitch, slut, but can also be used when something happens and you are very surprised about it, but can mean good things.
You kurva!! Get out of my face! I don't wanna see you again!!

Oh KURVA!! I lost my wallet!

Oh kurva! Germany has gone to the final!! Yay!
by Justin-WN July 10, 2008
Kurva means 'slut' or 'whore' in Croatian, in Polish it can also mean 'fuck'.

Vidi sta je kurva obukla.
Look at what that whore is wearing.

Ti si Kurva
Your a whore.
by Croatian Sensation 333 May 18, 2008
its like what the fuck,what the hell or fuck it,u can went wit this word or it mean the same like bitch or hoe,it must have very hard accent like ''kurrrva''!
Kurva what is this?
Where kurva we at?
Kurva,we screwed this!
Iď like taste a pussy of that kurva.
by ervahaus December 25, 2008

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