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Indian food in microwavable pouches that don't need to be frozen. Ready to eat in 90 seconds. Available in Indian grocery stores for $1.50 or less. A huge variety of vegetarian entrees compared to American microwave food and less bland too.
When I first got divorced, I ate curry in a hurry every day for lunch. I felt a little awkward buying them 30 at a time at the Indo-Pak market.
by Slumdog January 19, 2009
18 2
when you eat curry and it gives you the shits and then you sprint to the toilet
dam that was a curry in a hurry cuz i almost shat myself runnin for that dunny!!!!!!!
by joshua forster February 17, 2008
31 12
a famous phrase.
also a form of mocking a person of indian, pakistani, bangladeshi or sri lankan backgrounds
curry-in-a-hurry coming right up!
by night prawler May 20, 2005
20 12
The act of cream pieing a brown chick after a quickie sex.
It's similar to quickie cream pie, except here the woman is exclusively from south asian ethnicity.
Friend: Yo that Divya chick we saw last night in the club was
so fukin hot!!

Me: Ya damn fukin straight, I actually ended up giving her some curry in a hurry back at ma place!!
by 31gnewu May 27, 2011
7 1
the act of delivering curry to an Indian individual that is at the verge of death from the lack of curry consumption.

Person 1: Yo bring this brown kid some curry in a hurry
by ghandi lama dali June 03, 2007
14 10