Curbed to put someone down onto the curb or street,

To smash someone face on a hard strate thin surface (curb)
''I swear I will curb you if you keep talking crap.''
#curbed #decked #smashed #layed out #wasted
by 2TK February 03, 2008
short for "curb your enthusiasm", the brilliant HBO comedy series starring larry david
yo put on HBO, curb is on
#curb your enthusiasm #cye #corb #crub #coob
by harry shoulderman December 18, 2005
An every day, ordinary object that attacks those foolish enough to take it casually. Although innocent and harmless to the eye, the curb is in fact a brutal killing machine. Its favourite prey is those who are sprinting under an extreme influence of alcohol - a deadly combination.
Onlooker (to his mate): "Forget about the 20st fiesta owner that is chasin you down the road Gib, its that bloody curb you want to look out for..."
Onlooker (to himself): "Aw shit! Well, i did warn him!"
by lumbster March 22, 2004
slang term used to refer to marijuana (cannabis sativa).
Yo homie, I hear you hook up the curb phat!
by G.m.d February 17, 2005
a good comeback, usually putting the person down
Ooh he curbed you!

After you told him that, he curbed you bad!
#comeback #diss #insult #disrespect #hate
by Dustin Schluter February 06, 2006
Another way of saying something is stupid or bad
What the shit is with your face? your such an ugly curb!
by bill October 12, 2003
A bitch ass nigga, a punk, Someone who wont stand up for themselves, a spineless person, a pussy, usually a dumb person, someone who is easilly fooled or stolen from.
A curb would talk shit but not do anything.
A curb would do anthing to avoid a confrontation.
A curb may start a fight for no reason.
"I socked that mufuku in the mouth, and he didn't even do shit, what a curb"
"I called that curb ass nigga a 'bitch', and he didnt say shit."

#pussy #bitch #punk #duck #dumbass
by JGSR March 20, 2006
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