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Being stupid in love; doing stupid things because of love.
"Did you see that tattoo Jim got?"
"You mean the one of his girlfriend's puppy?"
"Yeah. What an act of cupidity.
by Kernel Poppa February 09, 2007
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Lustful desire.

Derives from the name of the Roman god, Cupid (Eros), who was the god of desire and lust.
"That boys full of cupidity."
by queen.padme.amidala July 07, 2006
the attempted act of setting up two potential friends as lovers, despite the absolute insanity of the idea.
Although she promised she would never do it again, the latest victims of her cupidity we recently seen hitting each other with chairs on an episode of Jerry Springer.
by larrylicious May 05, 2010
behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgement involving who you love
i couldnt believe my cupidity with that girl the other night
by leedleleed July 02, 2014

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