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Someone or something that is crapazoid is one or all of three things:

1) really stupid

2) a waste of time

3) horrendously shitty (hence the crap part)

Stems from crap (duh) and the word zoid, which can be interpretated as spacing out or freaking out. Your pick.
"That girl's hair is crapazoid."

"That physics test was total crapazoid."
by queen.padme.amidala May 24, 2005
Goneril is the eldest daughter in Shakespeare's King Lear.

Goneril treats her father well, until he becomes old, and gives her and her husband a plot of land and a lot of money. Then she starts treating him really crappily.

A girl, or guy, who is described as a Goneril, is someone who abuses and takes advantage of those who love him/her the most.
"My brother's daughter turned out to be such a Goneril. We haven't spoken with her since he died."
by queen.padme.amidala May 23, 2005
Similar to phrases like oh my god or jesus christ, fuck-in-a-bucket is meant to be exlamatory or an adjective to describe someone particularly insane or eccentric.
"Oh fuck in a bucket, Suzy got caught drunk driving."

"She's such a fuck in a bucket."
by queen.padme.amidala June 16, 2006
Wax lips is referring to someone who lies a lot.

Also known as a flake.

Originates in Goleta, California.
"Suzy has wax lips, she told Avian that her dad was a CIA agent."
by queen.padme.amidala May 26, 2005
Lustful desire.

Derives from the name of the Roman god, Cupid (Eros), who was the god of desire and lust.
"That boys full of cupidity."
by queen.padme.amidala July 07, 2006

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