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First letters interchanged of "stupid cunt." While the phenomenon of accidentally interchanging the first letters of adjoining words is not uncommon, use of cupid stunt is generally intentional and merely a way of euphemizing or masking an extremely offensive epithet.
Hey Dickie Roberts, you must be nucking futz you cupid stunt!
by Plebescite November 13, 2003
It's a great, PG-13 way to call someone a Stupid Cunt.
All these people in my way are Cupid stunts.
by amovitz January 30, 2011
A Cupid Stunt is a retch of a person. Originating in Florida's prison system, the term is spreading through the southwest US states. A Cupid Stunt can be a Paedophile, rapist or generally any sexual predator.
The Cupid Stunt got 30 years in prison for molesting a boy.
by Thomas XXII October 26, 2010