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make your hand into a cup shape and fart into it. then pulling your hand out of your pants and throwing it into your buddy's face.
i gave Matt a cup of soup.
by JW Sturgill August 15, 2004
To cup your hand near your asshole why letting rip a juicy fart, then shoving it in your bitches face saying "Cup of Soup?"
My girlfriend gave me a Dutch oven when I least expected it, so ii return I drew out a cup of soup to show her who wears the pants. Then, she bitched at me so i gave her the dirty ushna.
by Nick C.W. May 23, 2008
Something or someone that one finds pleasing.
Go ahead on your hunting trip, I will stay home, hunting is not my cup of soup.
by Juan Andonly July 16, 2013

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