The racaus applause your balls make against her cunt when your banging her bare ass as fast as possible.
by LEO March 26, 2003
Top Definition
A small friendly tap on a vagina as in a way of congratulating.
I cuntslapped Mary on her wonderful work, and was mysteriously fired from my job weeks later.
by dengaNJ March 15, 2004
The act of slapping someone with your cunt.
If you don't shut your fucking mouth, you're going to get cunt slapped in the face.
by Cunter McCunt May 22, 2006
1. a nice tap on the pubic region of a woman. 2. My friend Billy
Billy is a cuntslap.
by Joe November 07, 2004
Two meanings for this word:
1) When you are slapped in your vagina.
2) Rachael...
*BANG* "oooh shit that girl just got cuntslapped" "bummer!"
"That Rachael with the fat thighs, she's such a cuntslap!!"
by dothemoonwalk May 31, 2007
When you firmly grasp a boys head and violently force their face towards your vagina/cum dumpster/reproductive organ.

Causing a beautiful cunt slap.
I cunt slapped him until he ate my pussy right. cunt slap
by Pariah Mary December 22, 2012
To slap the clitorous with a stick.
Ow! You slapped my cunt and now it is bleeding green goo!
by Alex January 27, 2003

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