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A cold hearted woman who's a cunt.
My daughter is sick in the hospital and my cuntsickle boss won't give me a pay raise to help pay the bills.
by FRAGaLOT August 19, 2007
when a woman cacths her cum jucies in a drink and freezes it and gives it to a the person they had sex with to lick, like a freeze pop.
this girl made me a cuntsickle after we had sex. it had a crazy taste to it.

friend: you idoit, you eat her pussy jucie, hahaha.
by Aaron 45 May 18, 2008
An Offensive term used to describe someone who licks dirty pussy.
Robert's a fucking cunt sickle.
by nevsky September 12, 2006
when an abnormaly large clit becomes stuck to a frozen pole
polorbear club and a pole.... need i say more cuntsickles
by KevBo541 April 13, 2011