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A very sad and predictable mental dwarf who believes himself to be "conservative" when in reality is a devolution from any such sublime ideology. You will see these fecal smears trolling chat sites or forums raving clumsily against mainly "liberals" and ethnics. Often hypocritical, never analytical. They do not engage in logical discourse as real thinking entities, only sling flawed sources under the delusion that it proves anything more than their simplicity. They are also often creepy sociopaths who don't pass on an opportunity to harm someone, or are prone to do so. Only dangerous due to the amount of boring, nonsense traffic they can produce both directly and through upstart kiddy assholes new to the internet who love to toy along with them.
"The white race has owned the planet and we might keep on fighting for it against all these leftist vermin!"

"Cuntservative at 12 o'clock. Watch your six. Really, I mean it, don't let that lop-faced, ass-ogling filth-wad behind you"
by John Fucking Wayne September 25, 2007
A woman that supports an extremely conservative viewpoint. They are usually hypocrites, as their status as authors and independently wealthy women would be impossible were it not for liberals throughout history.
Ann Coulter is a cuntservative.
by Scott T Schmidt April 20, 2008
Any right-wing conservative female.
Sara Palin is such a cuntservative and I wish she would shut up!
by Barry O'Neal January 18, 2009
A woman who, in spite being educated, having a high-profile career and enjoying many of the other rights obtained by feminism, hates feminists. Note that this hatred is often used as a tool to "suck up" to backwards-thinking colleagues or superiors, most of whom are divorced, obese men.
Dr. Laura, a working mother who once had a successful radio program, often claims that all women should abandon their careers to raise families. She's not just a hypocrite... she's a cuntservative republicunt!
by Mad_Hell September 01, 2008
Right winger in general, male in particular.
Rush is every bit a cuntservative as Laura Ingraham is.
by Proud Lefty March 24, 2012
A really stupid derogatory term for a conservative. Because, let's face it, a semi-intelligent term is too good for them.
by Anonymous May 08, 2003

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