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a female who MAY look and certainly act's like their shit don't stink,have the personality of a lawn mower, and are the biggest bitch in the world. Their wardrobe often consists of burberry and gucci.
That girl isn't a cunt, she's a CUNTRESS
by John December 06, 2003

WAY worse than calling a girl cunt.
Its like a lioness or princess. Ultimate.
Spoiled bitch.
Jody:I think your such a faggot, get out of my house.

Joshua:Why are you such a Cuntress right now?
by Joshua Danger July 25, 2008
The hierarchy of slang terms for contemptible women (and sometimes men) is as follows:
-Fucking Bitch

A cuntress is someone whom has gone beyond the pale in their acts and attitude towards others. Often recognizable by an unwarranted sense of entitlement, and being so tasteless that videos of beheadings on Al Jazeera seem classy by comparison. Many interactions with cuntresses often end in cuntastrophes.
"There is this girl in my PolySci class, dude she's a total cuntress."
by SeelieSidhe May 23, 2015
A term to be used only for the worst of enemies. Is strengthened in meaning when prefaced by "almighty".
That puppy killing bitch is an almighty Cuntress and deserves to burn in hell.
by cmuny December 18, 2015
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