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The moment all hope has been forsaken. Whether it be getting sniped for the 150th time on MW3 or a random old drunk complaining that your chips didn't have any sauce, it is the time when the cunts triumph over the decent and just and one realizes that the world has truly descended into nothing other than a "cuntpocalypse".
"WHOLY FUCK ITS A CUNTPOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
## #the #faggot #king #2013
by #thefaggotking2013 September 15, 2013
The art of being a cunt to anyone and everyone you have seen, spoken to or come in to contact with in the past 24 hours.
Q: Why are you being such a cunt?
A: Did you not hear? IT'S A CUNTPOCALYPSE.
#cunt #apocalypse #cunting it up #being a cunt #cuntz4dayz #the holocunt
by TheAnalAvenger September 15, 2013
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