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suggested by a guy named hinson, wanted to make a person version of concut. See Concut. It is when a girl uses one word to end the conversation. Many girls tend to do this, they are called cuntnoyers. Due to being a cunt for cutting off the conversation, also annoying the crap out of a person when they're trying to talk. Also putting question marks behind the concut makes the cuntnoyer an extreme cuntnoyer.
Guy: hey! long time no talk.
Girl: uh..? <--extreme cuntnoyer
Guy: so watsup
Girl: nothing? *nothing is the concut*
Guy: what are you taking for classes?
Girl: stuff.
Guy: wanna stop being such a cuntnoyer?
Girl: what....................? <---notice the amount of dots.
Guy: look it up on UD
Girl: you're cool. *small phrase that is still a concut*
by pandaboyx August 23, 2009

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