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a man who is a cunt.. a stoned cunt..
cuntmen often smoke n play call of duty for at least 6 hours a day; u can recognize a cuntman by his repetitive quoting of the word "Penis"
Hasan: im goin back home to smoke and play CoD, i'll talk to u online

Kissa: lol you cuntman!
by ShU AyRE July 18, 2011
A fat ass who doesn't listen to anyone and has to learn the hard way. He drinks for a living starting at 10 a.m. Wears tight shirts to show his boobs, and tight pants to make girls jealous
Shawn: Lets go to the gym

Maaz: Nah man, im gonna drink and be sad, probably punch a hole in the fence

Shawn: Stop being a Cuntman
by LookUp March 08, 2012

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