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One who is unable to detect sarcasm and is wholly oblivious to irony and facetiousness.
MF_Nerg is a cuntlord because he thought people saying Shakira were ska were serious.
by skapunx4lyfe October 20, 2006
A Cunt Lord is somebody, male or female, who has a lot of sex with women but who also undeniably possesses Sith-like abilities, particularly in bed, therefore making him/her really awesome to have sex with but also extremely powerful and dangerous.
Justine: "Hey, see that guy over there? He's hot, I totally want to fuck him."

Jocelyn: "Ooh, be careful Lisa. I heard that he's a Cunt Lord."

Justine: "A CUNT LORD?!?!?!?"
by DIRE WOLF May 24, 2011
having many "cunts" surrounding you many hours throughout the day


having a huge vagina across your forehead, cuz yous a bitch!
Damn, fuck that cuntlord Jack, he hangs out with a bunch of fags.
by Apu Onyomomma October 09, 2006
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