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A problem or situation caused by a female in which you are detrimentally effected.
Being betrayed by a female
Example #1

Matt: "Have You seen Jessica, she owes me fifty dollars"

Chris: "Dude you're not gonna see that money, you got cuntholed"

Example #2

Inmate 1: "What you in for dog?"

Inmate 2: " Domestic violence, but yo I didn't even touch her bro"

Inmate 1: " Damn brotha, you got cuntholed"

Inmate 2: "Tell me about it"

Example #3

"I've been cuntholed so many times its hard for me to trust woman anymore"

Example #4

"My aunt called the cops on me and now I'm a felon. That bitch cuntholed me!"
by King Richard Face September 21, 2013
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