The English pronunciation of can't face with heavy Austrian accent
for example,

From the Sound of Music, when Mother Abbess offers advice to Maria,

"Maria, dese vulls vere not meant to shut out problems. You huv to face dem. You have to live de life you vere born to live. Vut is it you cunt face?"
by vajuxo February 08, 2010
A person who's personality is so worthless, their face has taken on the shape of a vagina.
"Hi Amrei, maybe we can go cheer for Bush today."
"No Jenny, go away. You are such a stupid cuntface."
by Amrei and Jenny December 21, 2006
1. face that is so ugly it can described as a cunt
2. insult
1. "that guy's so ugly"

"yeh i no what, what a cunt face"

2. "i fucked your girl"

"you cunt face"
by Finnthecunt June 04, 2006
A greasy haired loser who thinks he's welcome in our pub.
Fuck off Cuntface, nobody likes you
by Pete February 25, 2005
What female members of staff get called when the boss is drunk.
Oi cuntface, come and move some cars!
Often followed by: What's wrong cuntface?
by slip March 08, 2005
Fingering a girl getting her juices on your fingers/hand.. then slapping her round the face.. then exclaiming "cuntface".
*fingers girl, slaps her round face*
"ha, cuntface!!!"
by henshawwwwwwwww November 28, 2011
Someone, usually a chick with extremely large lips that seems to overtake their face.
- Julia Roberts has a bad case of cunt face.
- That girls going to need a lot of makeup to cover that cunt face.
by nosleepmomma January 07, 2011

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