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adj. Something that is so amazingly terrific that even the average guy would prefer it to sex.
Guy1: "Wow that roller-coaster was super swell!"
Guy2: "Better than sex?"
Guy1: "Yes! It was cunterrific!"
#sex #cunt #terrific #awesome #cool #vagina
by rk237 April 06, 2006
a word used in casual slang to depict something that is both epic and good. usually used by people who aim to make others feel awkward
Aaron: hey how you been?
Lexi: actually ive been cunterrific, thank you for asking! by the way, wanna see my genetalia?
Aaron: why do i talk to you.
#super #creepy #terrific #awkward #cunt
by David Luc Picard April 15, 2008
Used to describe a person who is horribly bitchy and nasty, bordering on, if not already entirely evil.
That boss you have, who almost fired you for checking your e-mail at work, and is constantly giving you bad recommendations? Definitely cunterrific.
#cunty #evil #nasty #cuntariffic #ann coulter
by Davey McGravy May 07, 2007
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