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A woman who is beyond a cunt, she is a CUNT with all the trimmings, lettuce, mayo, relish, tomato, and her own special sauce; derogatory for a woman who is a self-absorbed narcicisstic cunt; a cunt with double cheese.
An hour of her running that staff meeting, and I felt like I had gone through the drive-thru window at Wendy's and ordered a cuntburger with everything on it.
by Guillermo March 31, 2004
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the magically delicious roast beef mud flaps that hang off of your "virgin" girlfriend.
hey babe. you want romantic. i'll give you romantic. let me add some down south man meat to you deep fried cunt burger.
by Rey Rey December 30, 2004
An insult that can be used in the place of b*tch, slut, or whore. Basically it's the same thing as cunt, but the word "burger" just makes it that much better.
Man! You're such a freaking cunt burger!

. . .what a cunt burger. . .
by Supaflyneese June 06, 2011
Burgers that are to be placed inside of a woman's vagina to be eaten out of by random strangers.
I was with your mom last night, she made me some great cuntburgers!
by Anonymous51913 January 01, 2011
Cunt Burger is intended to be an insult made constently by ghetto people. It means that you are a cunt and have a small dick. Although that being a cunt and burgers have nothing to do with small dicks at all that is what it means.
Dude#1: Yo wazzap home skillet
Dude#2: You want some of this weed?
Dude #1: Na man I don't do that shit.
Dude#2: Man you a Cunt Burger.
by TheEpicTwins December 31, 2013
A form of harsh pay out, often shortened to 'burger'.
'You're such a cunt-burger', or 'you're such a burger'
by Hunty76 May 09, 2006
1. A person who lands a gnarly skate trick before you do.
2. Any sandwich on the Arby's menu.
1. Josh you're a cunt burger for kickflipping the stairs before I did.
2. Man I want a cunt burger, I'm goin to arbys.
by iloveitwhenucallmebigwhopper September 25, 2009

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