Thats when it comes from Her Pussy and not your Ass
Thats the last thing guys want on Valentines Day, Cuntfarts
by adam5150 August 11, 2005
Top Definition
The flatulent expulsion of trapped air from the vagina after penile withdrawal.
"When I pulled out, she actually let a cunt fart rip. It was hard not to laugh, but I managed."
by Adman12 August 29, 2005
The expulsion of air from a woman's cunt when forced out by a man's cock. The said push of air produces a fart type resonance. It often happens with a large cunt full of air foced out by an ample cock.
As I banged this filthy whore, I was stunned by the loud cunt farts she produced.
by Jer Miller April 26, 2006
aka quefe - the sound of air being pushed into or out of a vagina, usually but not always during sex or fist fucking
When my girlfriend fucks herself with her whole hand, her pussy farts, and I told her that cuntfart sounds just like someone saying the word "Quefe"!
by Springbreaker July 30, 2006
the sounds to describe the air coming out of yourvgina while getting your brains fucked out
he bent me over so hard i had to cunt fart
by annemarie January 17, 2003
The sound and smell of a fish after it is caught and brought onboard of a boat, then burps.
Greg was shocked when the tuna on his line performed a cuntfart
by Greg December 26, 2003
During sex with a huge penis, air is trapped in the pussy. it has to be farted out.
my 12inch dong was so big it left air in her
by Steevo March 30, 2003
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