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The creme de la creme place, and birth place (and sometimes home) of shit holes, bogans, in-breds, tools, fuckwits, leeches, druggies and quegs who often relocate to Cairns in North Queensland to live off their in-laws. They then have feral kids who in turn sponge off their grand parents. These off spring then have mongrels to sponge off their great grand parents, et seq....
Hey Crypto; ya still livin in da swamp? Naah... the old reptile's old man has plenty of dough.... I'll git some outta im soon enough matey.... Got a mate back in Colac who is gonna come up n stay for a week (time in finitum)
by QPump August 06, 2011
A derogatory term for a faggot.
Jessis told me she tried to fuck Stoney last night, but it turns out he is not into chicks. He is a fucking knob swallower!
by QPump August 04, 2011
A born and bred 3250 (post code for Colac - Shit Hole Capital of Australia) who moves to North Queensland to reside, and earns his daily bread and pays his way by way of sponging and selling dope. He is then duty bound to blow a sheila up and help Centrelink justify their existence. There is then an aristocratic obligation to fat another sheila and on and on and on and on and on and on.............
Hey man where ya from? I like that fuggin big fat joint ya got. Aw shucks, I be a Colac Crypt. Shit! It's mah lucky day.... come on over and we will see if we caint get some jism outta this old cunt......
by QPump August 06, 2011
A clag bag is the scrotum which contains the CLAG NUTS. These nuts contain the clag. CLAG is a gooey spoof like substance, mainly used whilst at school to glue pictures or cuttings into a scrap book. Through the adolescent years of learning to toss off, one notes the similarity of the jism to the viscosity of clag glue. Thus, the term for the common ball bag is morphed into the term CLAG BAG.
Jenny told me.... 'Jack Off is a real sly cunt. He grabbed my tit, so I kicked him fair in the fucking CLAG BAG/S (scrotum)'
by QPump August 05, 2011
An Aussie's cock; a part of the male reproductive area that may produce cock-burn in a tight quim.
Samantha told me 'Peter.... that fucking quim pumper - he gave me cock-burn last night as he jammed his filthy big fat black jism joint fair up my tight itchy quim...'
by QPump August 04, 2011
A cummy farting cunt is when a guy pumps a shiela's ass full of baby batter, then she blows it out of her big fat ass hole. Nice sound effect. Also a derogatory term for a new/used car sales manager within an auto dealership by staff.
Gary goes...'did you burn that old bat on her trade?' Dave goes...'I didn't burn her... that cummy farting cunt cooked her!'
by QPump August 06, 2011

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