slang for the female genitailia, an insult, believed by many prudes to be one of the most insulting and rudist words in the english language
i've love to lick your cunt
you are such a cunt
by simon February 19, 2005
The most offensive word in the english language used to describe the female genetailia and Ann Coulter
That fucking cunt is such a bitch
#cunt #vagina #ann coulter #bitch #coon
by Justin_FF7 October 06, 2006
Another name for right wing hack writer, Bush Administration whore, and all around republican hatchet woman Ann Coulter.
Ann Coulter is a major, first class, USDA-approved cunt.
#cunt #ann coulter #republican hatchet woman #bush #whore
by MRT2 October 08, 2006
1. A slang word for vagina.

2. An arrogant, rude or conceited woman.

3. A woman whose only useful body part is her vagina.

Women who are offended by the word "cunt" even when it isn't directed at them are the same women who fit the third definition.
I can smell your cunt all the way over here.

That woman at work is a real cunt.

That cunt gives a great blow job.

Hey cunt, do me a favor and grab me a beer.
#snatch #box #pussy #carpet #fish
by Louis P. August 03, 2006
While often derogatory, also descriptive of a female radiating strong sexual attractiveness and allure.
Guys whispered that my wife was a smokin' hot cunt.

That little cunt is an absolute cock stiffener.
#snatch #snatchette #sugar snatch #sweet slit #sextoy #back seat baby doll #wet dream darling
by July41944 May 28, 2009
In some parts of outer suburban Australia, the word 'cunt' has truly mutated, and through generations of misuse has come to be the basis of many a descriptive substitute extension. Regardless of the general offense value, it has many applications:
1) An unpopular person
2) A person for whom the caller has a high regard
3) A term of reference for inanimate objects
4) Used in plural for both people and inanimate objects
1) A:"This cunt was eyein' off my bitch"
B:"What a cunt"
A:"Then the cunt tried to chat her up while I was spewin"
B:"What a cunt's act"

2) A:"How are ya, cunt face?"
B:"Haven't seen you for ages, ay cunt!"

3) "..An I was carryin' the wood, when the hefty cunt slipped off me shoulder"
"The lights were off, lookin' for me slipper, I couldn't find the cunt"

4) "I seen this bunch of cunts checkin' out my sick wheels"
"You ever see those hamburger buns all covered in those little cunts?"
#cint #kunt #cahnt #corunt #contt
by sixwedgenine November 10, 2005
a derogatory term used for a female when they act really stupid and annoying, and need to be put in their place.
wow... what a stupid, fucking cunt.
#pussy #vagina #bitch #whore #idiot
by pipi[p January 21, 2009
For best definition see Ann coulter
Ann Coulter is a cunt.
#cunt #bitch #ann coulter #hitler #stupid #whore #evil #hate #wrong
by Mike Riot October 07, 2007
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