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In some parts of outer suburban Australia, the word 'cunt' has truly mutated, and through generations of misuse has come to be the basis of many a descriptive substitute extension. Regardless of the general offense value, it has many applications:
1) An unpopular person
2) A person for whom the caller has a high regard
3) A term of reference for inanimate objects
4) Used in plural for both people and inanimate objects
1) A:"This cunt was eyein' off my bitch"
B:"What a cunt"
A:"Then the cunt tried to chat her up while I was spewin"
B:"What a cunt's act"

2) A:"How are ya, cunt face?"
B:"Haven't seen you for ages, ay cunt!"

3) "..An I was carryin' the wood, when the hefty cunt slipped off me shoulder"
"The lights were off, lookin' for me slipper, I couldn't find the cunt"

4) "I seen this bunch of cunts checkin' out my sick wheels"
"You ever see those hamburger buns all covered in those little cunts?"
by sixwedgenine November 10, 2005
The definitive sound system for a car driven by a bogan. Usually associated with Australian western suburbs, a two-blocker is a car fitted with fully sick sub woofers and stereo system which can be heard from at least two suburban blocks of the sounds origin. Sadly, 99% of the music is of the 'doof-doof' variety. Drivers of a two-blocker have other interests such as "even more fully sick cars with louder two blockers"
"Ahhhh yuleh, I fully heard this sick two blocker pumpin' past the house"
"Sick, what a siiiick c**t"
by sixwedgenine November 09, 2005

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