semen spermjizm remaining in a tart's slut cunt pussysnatch from a previous sexual encounter
there's nothing worse than parting her flaps and finding someone else's cunt butter already there
by Sheepshagger July 04, 2006
Secrement of the twat
Her cuntbutter was thicker than caramel
by Nick "Edge" March 11, 2004
Vaginal secretions or female ejaculation fluid. Sexy, slippery stuff!
"My beard is toast, baby - gimme that cunt butter!"
by Princeza February 15, 2012
1) The semi-hardened combination of female ejaculate, semen, and lubricant

2) An expletive for a frustrating situation or person

3) A heightened and/or more colorful phrase for "cunt"
Guy - "Good morning hun, want to have some nice morning sex?" Girl - "Sure babe! Oh, but first, I need to wash all the cunt butter off my snatch from that awesome threesome we had last night"

Guy - "Baby I want you to spread that cunt butter all over my naked chest like I'm a piece of marble rye"

"Remember that time Shawn took that hot girl at bar home that I was into, God he was such a cunt butter"
by JimmyJoe878 February 17, 2012
what is produced when you are long dicking a vagina for more than 15 minutes
when we finished...I noticed I had cunt butter on my balls.
by flop dobbins May 05, 2014
By definition an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend with morally inept self delusions of grandeur concocted by narcissistic insecurities to believe that a poor decision made in breaking up a strong relationship with a devoted spouse, only instead of laying blame on herself for her actions implies the blame and anger on the spouse who is innocent.
"Wow she left me to become a Mon - Fri 'perfect mom' then on the weekends become a slut who enjoys random dick from multiple partners. But expects me to wait for her to grow up? What a fucking cunt butter" ....
by juicymonkey July 03, 2012

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