Derivative of the most shunned "C-word" in the English language. I'm not even going to repeat it. And if you don't know it, then you're a moron. It is used in place of this "C-word."
It is also person, usually female, who rocks really hard at everything she does and likes to yell "CUNNYY!" in the streets when she sees another cunny friend of hers.
It also may be used as an adjective to describe a real "D-bag."
a) In place of c-word: "What a cunny."
b) From one cunny to another: "Hey you cunny!!! I missed you!!! Your boobies are looking hot today."
c) adjective usage: "That fool is a straight cunny ass bitch."
by nunzination December 17, 2007
Top Definition
The most hilarious slang term for vagina. Try to use it in a sentence without laughing. Go on. Just try it.
Dude, your mom's cunny is so...(breaks off laughing)
by Tommy Wommy Womsters February 24, 2005
Female genitalia, used for vulva or vagina. 1. A diminutive of cunt derived from the latin word, cunnis.
She felt her cunny jump, burning with its own great fire
by Joanna Wagner October 04, 2005
Another name for a girls vagina.
Jenny! Stop playing with your cunny, get over here and eat your peas!!!
by D.R.W. July 09, 2006
The external female reproductive parts. A form of the word cunt.

I happily lapped the juices from my girlfriend's cunny.
by runt February 04, 2003
Another word for a womans sexual organ. Derived from the word cunt it is used in a positive and affectionate way compared to the word cunt which is used as an insult and is considered offensive.

Alternativley the word cunny is used because it sounds nicer than the word cunt.
"Come here and lick my cunny".
"Your such a cunt".
by Cervantes666 August 30, 2006
A term for vagina used by old men on the bus
gonna have a go at that cunny son! where's me hooch?
by irrelevantjet March 03, 2005
Girl: How do I put a tampon in?
Woman: Just stick it up your cunny
by hahaok May 19, 2009

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