A variation of the word "cunt", originally "cunty," but its just easier to say "cunny." This word was established by a boy named Sean living in southern Ontario.
She just bitched me out.. she is such a cunny!
by Borgy Buckwheat II July 07, 2010
Person from Connemara (Ireland)
The Cunny was pissed
by Penker July 10, 2008
sandylee and her rediculous boob job.
everytime i see that cunny walk in, it makes me want to pick up my trifold and leave.....or kick a trashcan.
by janificusbrown September 13, 2008
Derivative of the most shunned "C-word" in the English language. I'm not even going to repeat it. And if you don't know it, then you're a moron. It is used in place of this "C-word."
It is also person, usually female, who rocks really hard at everything she does and likes to yell "CUNNYY!" in the streets when she sees another cunny friend of hers.
It also may be used as an adjective to describe a real "D-bag."
a) In place of c-word: "What a cunny."
b) From one cunny to another: "Hey you cunny!!! I missed you!!! Your boobies are looking hot today."
c) adjective usage: "That fool is a straight cunny ass bitch."
by nunzination December 17, 2007
the combination of CUNT and HONEY

"hey that chick is a honey.....but damn she looks like a cunt...omg she is a cunny!"
by cockman February 16, 2006
Cunny is Pharsi for a homosexual. cun means arse.
Toi cunny haste. means you are gay
by revverlution March 25, 2006

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