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1.A synonym meaning"blow job". Noun.
2. A fantastic blow job given by the beautiful Jaime Bergman,the 1997 Playmate of the year. Noun.

Note to the gentlemen who look up this word:If for some reason you have not seen Jaime Bergman in the nude, you are unfortunately missing out. Also,while reading the following sentence,your brain will produce a much more enjoyable image after you have seen the pictures.
When I saw Jaime Bergman walking towards me in her black,sexy thong,I had a very good feeling that I was going to receive a wonderful cumsquat from her.
by Anonymous February 10, 2003

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Squating to urinate after sex but only able to excrete semen.
I had to sit down to pee, and all I could do was cumsquat.
by 60 Central February 28, 2008
The act of cumming, whilst simultaneously performing a successful squat (expelling feces from the anus), thus, performing a cum squat.
Jimmy was masturbating when suddenly he took a shit as he was cumming, successfully performing a cum squat
by The Little Gnome(s) October 18, 2011
ok loser no a cumsquat is a lil lesbian whore who has chix sit on their face and cum all over them
Tina, is such a cumsquat.
by come-sk-woaat May 19, 2003
a large spot of cum on one's blue ae tank.

a taquito dick dropping.

yo shayna what's on your shirt? oh that's just cum squat. no biggie......
by emmmmmmmm August 22, 2007