Noun/Verb: The act of jacking-off (To cum) whilst taking a shit (a dump).
Cum+Dump = Cump

*Different from Cleveland Steamer in that a Cleveland Steamer is performed with a partner; a cump is usually performed alone, on the toilet.
When I get home, I'm gonna take a mean-ass cump
by Mr. Human September 02, 2007
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Colloquially known as the "one pump dump". To cum after only one pump
Dasha was so tight and wet, I could not help but cump. She was not impressed.
by The Stinge February 07, 2015
v. cumped, cump·ing, cumps

To defecate semen and excrement simultaniously after anal intercourse ejaculation.
"I got fucked up the ass and then cumped down his throat!"
by Brian Napier May 18, 2006
When a man cums after dry-humping with clothing on.
Yo did you fuck that chick last night?
- Nah, we just grinded and she was so good that I cumped.
by Erfy J September 26, 2010
The act of accidently deficating on your lover whilst ejaculating.
I was about to ejaculate on Susan's stomach but instead I cumped on her.
by Jake Plisken February 03, 2010
Abbreviation of "cum pump". A cum pump is the final thrust prior to cumming inside someone
Shit man, what a cump i alomost broke the bed!
by fantasticfoxy October 13, 2009
An offensive expression used to describe an imperceptive action performed by someone.
"Bill shot himself in the leg with a shotgun"

"What a cump"
by Carnage44 April 22, 2008
to fuck a girl the night before dumping her.
Tonight is the night I'm gonna cump her.
by T-money April 28, 2004

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