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1) A sense of regret after an orgasm that results from the physiological crash combined with a wave of guilt for taboo desires that were eagerly acted out during the pre-orgasmic high.

2) A wish that the orgasm had been postponed.
Jeff was eager to obey every humiliating direction, but after he jizzed he got cummer's remorse and immediately turned off his webcam.

Carl made a lot of promises to get the blowjob, but once he came he had cummer's remorse and recanted them.

2) Steve was overwhelmed with excitement and shot his wad, but experienced cummer's remorse when he saw the unquenched desire that remained in his lover's eyes.
by waterzworld February 01, 2010
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This is something every man has experienced. It is the moment after you cum and immediately realize what you just did was a bad idea.
"Dude, at first I thought finishing myself off in front of her was a great idea. After i blew, I immediately experienced mild "Cummer's Remorse "
by Esjay Entertainment March 15, 2009
that feeling you get after you achieve an orgasm, by doing something that you are not proud of, and damn sure wouldn't tell your friends about. Its sort of like buyer's remorse only you can't return the shame...
"I had cummer's remorse like a motherfucker after I smashed that fat chick"
"I bet Joe had cummer's remorse after that blowski he got from Bill."
by BIG SMIT October 13, 2009
When watching a porno or having sex anything can seem sexy but immediately after ejaculating it all of a sudden seems a little gross. You might even feel a little guilty.
"Dude, I was totally fapping to these chicks swapping cum on Pornhub but right after I came I was like, wow, this is actually not sexy at all. It's a little disgusting, actually. I had a serious case of cummer's remorse."
by acha5066 March 15, 2014

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