Top Definition
1. A person farting moments after his partner finishes inside him/her.

2. A term used as to have the last word in a lame insult competition.

3. The outcome of your flatulence if you're put behind bars and have a pretty face.
Example 1:
Jack and Jake are in the tub. Jack cums in Jake

Jack: "I'll be right back to blow you, don't finish without me."

3min later Jack returns only to find the tub water murky in cum....

Jack: I thought I told you to wait

Jake: I did, I just farted...

Example 2:

-You're a dickwipe
-Oh yeah? Well you're a Cumfarter! ...I win!
by aristophaneftw1 November 17, 2011
A faggot or hetero woman who takes it up the ass
Oh fuck, "Did you hear that cumfarter fart? It sounded like,"Woof, phleef"
by juana phuck January 07, 2006
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