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When a man (probably homosexual) or woman drop trou, squeeze out a fart and seaman is fired from there anus - which may possibly land inside a wide-set vagina and cause pregnancy which will produce a child known as a "son of a Cumfart".
1. "Are you feeling uncumfartable?"

"Little bit Ameigo"

"You should get Bill to butt fuck you, that usually breaks the ice and makes me feel cumfartable"

2. "I just gave that guy a Blumpkin and let the seamen ejaculated from his penis fire into my butt"

"Awww man that sounds insane"

"Yeah, I even cumfarted a couple of minutes later"

"Lucky fucker"

"Thats what I thought until I found out the seamen from my anus landed in a passing woman's wide-set vagina"


"Now I'm a father and have learned the dangers of public Cumfarting"
by relaxingCumfartabley March 27, 2010

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