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ingesting so much cum that you get brain damage
Emily got a cumcussion after that bookaki last night
by sasha grey January 04, 2013
17 2
The resulting medical infliction resulting from the forcible impact of semen to the head.
"I rocked Jenny so hard in the dome with a load of spunk... she got a cumcussion and flew off the bed!"
by Dr. Fuck March 13, 2009
9 4
The euphoric, lazy, and disembodied feeling one has after busting a massive nut. Usually requires 10 minutes of recovery time. Symptoms include sweating, twitching, and minor paralyzation immediately following the discharge.
That girl sucked me so hard that I got a cumcussion
by TheDrunkenBulletTM May 15, 2013
3 0
When having sex as the woman begins her orgasm, she gets hit upside the head losing consciousness and her orgasm.
While screwing Erin senseless doggy-style, as she begam to cum I socked her head giving her a cumcussion.
by DJ Kleen April 20, 2011
3 4