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ingesting so much cum that you get brain damage
Emily got a cumcussion after that bookaki last night
by sasha grey January 04, 2013
The euphoric, lazy, and disembodied feeling one has after busting a massive nut. Usually requires 10 minutes of recovery time. Symptoms include sweating, twitching, and minor paralyzation immediately following the discharge.
That girl sucked me so hard that I got a cumcussion
by TheDrunkenBulletTM May 15, 2013
The resulting medical infliction resulting from the forcible impact of semen to the head.
"I rocked Jenny so hard in the dome with a load of spunk... she got a cumcussion and flew off the bed!"
by Dr. Fuck March 13, 2009
When you cum so many times in someone's face, they pass out.
Green: "Hey, do you know why Kat is in the hospital?"
Miso: "Yeah, I came so many times on her face, she got a cumcussion."
Green: "Sweet man, I'll have to try that out some time."
by SWAGGERIFIC July 24, 2014
When having sex as the woman begins her orgasm, she gets hit upside the head losing consciousness and her orgasm.
While screwing Erin senseless doggy-style, as she begam to cum I socked her head giving her a cumcussion.
by DJ Kleen April 20, 2011

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