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A person in a severe state of exhaustion after a lengthy sexual encounter. People in a cumatose state will typically lay very still and be very quiet.
After he came for the third time that night while making out with his girlfriend, he lay there beside her in a cumatose state.
by Dangerman August 28, 2007

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The state of mind a guy is in after he cums. The general feeling of not wanting anything to do with the outside world and wanting to do nothing more than lie still without being disturbed
Ex. I hate how I can never talk to my boyfriend after sex, he always just goes Cumatose

Ex. Whenever I have sex with my girlfriend i can't stand it when she tries to talk to me afterwards when I'm cumatose
by reymundo5 May 03, 2013
noun- The deep sleep you fall into after you cum
He fucked me into a deep cumatose
by purduehockey July 24, 2011