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A person, usually gay male or straight female, who is regarded as little more than a repository for deposits of semen.
He's nothing but a cum dump.
by cumdump June 12, 2007
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Cum-dump is a common term for a true slut. This kind of woman insists on having as many men cum in her mouth, pussy AND asshole as possible. She begs for it and insists that no rubbers be used. She enjoys being called and treated like a total whore.
Kathy is a true cum-dump. Over the weekend over 15 different men came in all three of her slutty holes. She kept scooping cum from her pussy and ass and wiping it on her face and licking her fingers
by btld August 14, 2007
person who allows their mouth to be used for multiple loads of cum.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
a person who takes loads of sperm in any hole
cumguzzler, barebacking in gay scene
by KKKKKKKKKKK August 10, 2005
someone who allows cum into their mouth often. often used in a derogatory manner.
dan spitzer
by Amanda November 23, 2003
A complete whore who regularly has sex with multiple men. A slut. A dumping ground for men's seamen.
by stormscr3 January 25, 2009
A person usually female, that has many sexual encounters and is known for it.
person A. You had sex with suzy last night?
person B. Yes I did.
person A. Do you know she slept with Paul yesterday?
person B. What a cum dump
by Brian Franke November 06, 2005

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