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A female who enjoys being ejaculated upon, usually in the facial region.
"Christy is such a cum sponge, she got mad when I came inside her"
by Ron T March 29, 2003
a slut, often a highschool cheerleader
"oh my god, kelly you're such a cumsponge"
by s8n8ataco January 27, 2004
An object or person that absorbes cum.
That slut is such a fucking cumsponge.
by Phill McRacken January 12, 2003
1: An absolute slut, a person (usually female) who has copious amounts of sexual relations with men.

2: An item used to masturbate into. (toilet paper, sock, hotel bed sheets, etc.)
Example 1: Dude: " hey bro check out that chick! she is fiiiiiiiine!

Bro: " yea man she's hot but she's fucked like the whole football team, she's a total cumsponge"

Example 2: " Dude: man I was jacking it the other day and I had to use my gym socks as a cumsponge"

Man: "dude that is nasty as fuck! don't tell me that shit dude!
by -fuckfuckgoose September 12, 2009
a patch of hair on one's chin that prevents dripping ejaculate from staining one's clothing
The gay man's goatee served as an adequate cum sponge during bukake night.
by CQJB October 29, 2006
a person with the ability to soak up cum at a rate far greater than an entire roll of Bounty paper towels. they always provide this free of charge and quite often are volonteers on graveyard shift at local sperm bank.
reduce your clean-up by 90% by keeping a cum sponge under your bed.
by pylick November 06, 2004
A hairstyle worn by a female. Usually a large "poof" on the top of head used to absorb cum as it is being shot at her face. This protects the rest of her hair from being ejaculated upon.
"OMG that girl's poof was worn so high when I cummed on her face, it absorbed it all!"

"That girls cum sponge worked like a champ..."
by Laura/Steve February 03, 2008
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