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someone who creates devious ways of obtaining large amounts of semen
uve surpassed cum guzzler muthafucka...ur a semen demon
by chainsawcharlie86 October 04, 2007
!ground up chode fashioned in2 a patty, and eaten.

2a fuckin retarded ass person on a fuckin powertrip
hey u see that fuckin cop give me this ticket?... HEY FUCK U CHODEBURGER WEARIN THE BADGE!!!!
by chainsawcharlie86 October 04, 2007
when the testicles become so sweaty that they stick to the inside of the leg, much like a treefrog clings 2 a tree branch
dude stop,i cant bike antmore im treefroggin like a motherfucker.
by chainsawcharlie86 October 04, 2007
one who ingests cum much like a sponge absorbs liquid
hey send the chick with crooked teeth and fairy tattoo on her arm of jewett city connecticut over here...shes the biggest cum sponge in the world!
by chainsawcharlie86 October 04, 2007
its the same thing as a quickie, but its done solo when ur girlgriend leaves u becaue u bet the car on the yankees 2 win agianst the RED SOX and lost.
uh u lost some precious possision agian on the game? you really r a true yankee fan
by chainsawcharlie86 October 04, 2007

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