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A promiscuous, petite woman who enjoys performing fellatio anytime, anywhere.
Check out that little cum monkey! Looks like she's ready 'n' rarin' to go!
by mr new booty June 02, 2006
A chronic Masturbater
He is so horny, What a cum monkey!
by Lenord November 16, 2007
a phrase generally used to point fun at a male or female who jumps for joy at the concept of receiving some man juice
My god ryan is such a cum monkey he's swinging from the light at the thought of receiving my load
by logi bear607 June 16, 2011
a person who is extremely odd and makes constant dumb mistakes
Jessica Struckhoff, I can't believe you just called the security officer Wilbur for a week, thats not his name. You are such a cum monkey
by Cecelia May 07, 2005