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A cum guzzling thunder cunt is a word used as an insult which fits many situations... can be interpreted many of which is a person that loves swallowing cum and gets around A LOT.. also typically a bitch and or whore.
1)You know what, fuck you, your just a good for nothing cum guzzling thunder cunt.

classic dialogue: 2)
duchebag 1: asshole
duchebag 2: cocksucker
duchebag 1: cum guzzling thunder cunt
duchebag 2: *speechless*
by MX|Racer141 August 01, 2006
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a name for a female who is a large whore in your neighboorhood or in your clique of friends
"damn it shannon u cum guzzling thunder cunt u had sex again"
by huge dick mcanger October 29, 2009
The name given to a prostitute with a tattoo of a lightning bolt
Dude I totally did it with a cumguzzlingthundercunt on friday.
by goddamsandmonkeys January 16, 2011
one who sucks the dick, and ejoys the tingly sensation of seman in her mouth
That cum guzzling thunder-cunt Olivia, not only took my load but she swallowed that shit.
by Tyler Foster March 15, 2008
A narly snarly skunk smelling skunt/cum fueled/quieff smelling/greasy/repulsive/cum dumpster/disease ridden/2bit prick son of a bitch.
"Kachina is a fucking cum guzzling thunder cunt. i would kill her in her sleep"

"Mallory"now this bitch is the biggest cum guzzling thunder cunt i have ever meet she can die in a hole"

"Have you seen the new school slut? Oh yeah Derick that cum guzzling thunder cunt, I'm gonna scalp that mother fucker!"
by cumguzzlingthundercunt666 October 02, 2013

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