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A doll used by the Pueblo Indians usually shaped as a spirit
Here is your Kachina doll.
by Thrin November 05, 2003
1. extremely hot babe.

2. amazing person.

3. slutwhore, wait, what? no.

4. straight up amazing in everyway possible, yeah, even that way. hahaha :)

5. synonym for straight up ninja cool kickass gorgeous gangster.
(hot) guy: holy shit did you see that chick?

other (hot) guy: yeah! she was so kachina!
by thecoolestkiddevuuur. May 27, 2009
cool ass person who is just straight up awesome and you'd be lucky to have. can be a bitch at times, but only when been a bitch to first, or if you're an ugly whore. otherwise, nice and fucking cool. yeahhh.
whoa, that's so kachina.
by whoaoaaaaa May 27, 2009
A fisherman style whore who has fun be engaging in intercourse with fisherman and sealife.
The fisherman's Kachina was Caught with The catch of the day
by Jimmy Smith April 01, 2004
a very, very ugly girl that goes to langley high school and has sex with chinese people in the hallway. the only way she gets play is from chinese peopel cuz they cannot open there eyes far enough too see how ugly she is.
"katchina is ugly."
by gore May 10, 2004
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