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towel favored by a particular man to whipe his jizz on after he whacks the shit out of his chicken
dude, dont lay on that, thats my cum blanket
by 5ki11i0nz0r February 15, 2004
The top blanket on a hotel bed, infrequently washed, often found to contain traces of blood, semen and feces as per oprah's investigation.
Dude, I always remove the cum blanket first thing upon checkin!
by jamie March 04, 2003
A blanket for the use of wiping up cum after a good fucking.
A cumblanket or tea towel or possibly ur mums best curtains!
by da grimreafa & co October 02, 2008
A girl who gets passed around a frat house.
Dude, you got the Nat Lite and cum blankets for tonight's party?
by NIGHTMOOSE January 29, 2011
To cover your sexual partner(s) with old tissues that were once used to wipe up cum after masterbation
Baby, i'm going give you a cum blanket
by ritualist December 15, 2009
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