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A corruption of the two word's cool, and ya. the "t" at the end was used to blend the two word's together to better resemble the famous sub government in Valderrama, Antique. named Culyat. this being famous due to is reference in a Dutch homeade series. "Dansen met Broek" episode 5. Wherein Hans (the mentaly retarded goat tammer) attempt's to travel to the philipines. Specificly the sub government named culyat. His english speaking friend Bron, think's he is speaking english when he say's "Cool Ya" but he is saying "Culyat". this is becuase he is mentaly retarted and due to the mouth restraint, canot make the "t" noise.
Usage one-
That culyat.
or (thats cool ya?)

Usage two:
Thats the culyat.
(thats the cool, yea)
by IvanDude February 25, 2007
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